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                           How to smoke a brisquet
To dry rub a brisket, you rub it, wrap it, rest it, and smoke it. After the brisket has drained, place it in large pan. I will use about 1/2 cup  of dry rub on a brisket, depending on its size and the level of flavor I want.

Rub the spice mix onto the brisket and into the scores. I usually turn the brisket a few times, hitting each side twice. Wrap the rub-coated brisket in plastic wrap, put it into the cleaned pan and refrigerate it overnight.I use Dillo Dust but most any store dry rub works well

Brisket needs low and slow smoker cooking to reach its ultimate taste and texture. A rule of thumb is that brisket needs one hour per pound at 220 degrees Fahrenheit. It could take more or less time, depending on the smoker temperature and the quality of the brisket.

I use a vertical smoker with a water pan. The steam from the water pan prevents the brisket from drying. When I smoke brisket on a pit smoker, Iuntil it reaches n internal temperature of 175 degrees. Then I double wrap it in foil with a 1/2 cup of the liquid from the pan in the smoker.

When the brisket reaches a temp. of 190-200 degrees, it should be fork tender and ready to eat. Take it from the smoker  and let it rest for at least 30 minutes to let the juices redistribute throughout the meat.

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